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Tax and Financial Planning

Tax Planning is smart and legal
Most of the tax payers are not aware of all tax deductions, exemptions and smart tax planning strategies which can save you thousands to million dollars in planning.

Tax Planning is the exercise undertaken to minimize the tax liability through the best use of all available allowances, deductions, exemptions, etc., to reduce income and or capital gains.` For successful tax planning, it is important that all elements of the financial plan work together in most tax efficient manner so that THE tax liability is reduced and contribution to retirement plan is maximized. The mantra of tax planning is to “Pay yourself First`. At perfect Tax follow this mantra by trying to keep all hard-earned dollars in your pocket and make sure that you don`t pay even a dollar more to the IRS than you owe.

It helps a lot when you think of tax planning along with the life events which impact or shape up your life such as marriage, childbirth/ planning for a child, job change, retirement, or new business venture. Tax Planning works best when started before December preferably with the onset of the new year that way you can project and plan your savings and get the most out of it.

Individual Tax Return is a form submitted to the federal, state, or local taxing agency to report your income, estimate, and pay taxes. We help you to fill this form and submit your tax return.

Some taxation service provides pre-filled individual tax returns, At Perfect Tax, our professionals fill the form and file the returns for you.

If you are a green card holder living abroad or a US citizen, our experts help you to file your Expat Tax and get the best returns.

Innocent Spouse Relief has been designed to improve situations where one spouse is the victim of fraud perpetrated by their spouse or ex-spouse. You can come to us if you are looking for an Innocent Spouse Relief.

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