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COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of small and mid-sized businesses throughout the country to shut down services— either by orders or on their own to prevent the spread of the novel virus. We have taken a pledge to save these small businesses from permanently closing, and helping their employees.

Our federal government has come up with many programs to help small to mid-sized businesses fight the financial crises due to pandemic. Still, most of them don’t know about these programs and how they can use them to stay positioned even when the epidemic extends longer than expected.

If you are one of those business holders who want to save your business from sinking in this ongoing pandemic wave, then you must contact PERFECT TAX today.

Who should contact us?

· If you want to stay positioned and not see your business downfall, you should call us.

· If your business is directly or indirectly affected by the COVID-19, we are here to help you in the best way.

· If you are not able to make payment to your employees, contact us.

· If you want your businesses’ evaluation and information on how this clobbered market will impact your business long-term, you should contact us.

Types of Government-approved Loans supported by us to provide help to small and mid-sized business

· Paycheck Protection Program- An SBA-Approved loan program that helps companies to work and support their employees during the coronavirus pandemic.

· Economic Injury Disaster Loan- This loan program provides economic relief to businesses deeply impacted by the virus and facing temporary difficulties in operations.

· Main Street Landing Program- This loan program provides help to businesses that were soundly operating before the coronavirus hit the economy but are now poorly impacted.

Other programs offered by PERFECT TAX are

· American Workers, Families and Business Assistance Program

· Unemployment Insurance Provision

· Rebates and Individual Provision

· Business Provisions

· Payroll restructuring and options for Corona Virus impacted Employer

Our Fees

Since the scope of work is depended on many variable lots’ variables, we will provide a quote in the case to case basis.

Why choose us?

We Bring stability to Your Financial Life

We have years of experience in various market conditions, we know that proper execution of steps is the best way to get rid of any financial problem. We use different approach because of the impact of the virus on the lives of our clients.

We take complexity of every situation seriously.

We offer personalized solutions to every problem. Our experts have experience of dealing with complex situations at ease. We conduct extensive research and know how to deal with ongoing financial crises in an easy to understand manner.

100% client satisfaction guaranteed.

Our team makes sure our client is 100% satisfied with our services. We are here to help you come out of this financial problem and we promise to make your feel comfortable with every part of our plan.

Our Services

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