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One meeting of 40 minutes with Mahesh, just before finalizing agreement of purchase of business, saved me $ 39,000. Since then he has been my professional advisor. He changed the way I was doing taxes for past several years and my taxes were cut amazingly. I can say that monies spent on advice of right Professionals like Mahesh go never out of pocket. Rather it adds to your net earnings. He has special experience and expertise in tax planning for schools and childcare.

Roonu (Sakeena) Rizavi

Technology Group

Mahesh is my regular retainer advisor, I consult him for all questions for  as to when and how for my all financial matters like When & how to buy car, when & how to incorporate, When and how to buy house, when and how to sell loss making shares, when and how to draw from 401K, when and how to buy or sell property in India. Each time, I found his advice to be invaluable. His insight into tax laws is commendable. He is the only professional; I met who is up date not only for tax laws, but also tax court cases on several issues.

Naga Kolli

Howard Johnson Inn

Mahesh is very knowledgeable and skillful in saving not only Federal Income Tax, but also state taxes, Sales Tax, Payroll Tax, Franchise Tax and also Estate Tax and Gift Tax. He is the best tax and financial planner, I ever met. If you have not consulted him, there are chances that you might be overpaying your taxes.


Willowbend Learning Center

I and my wife are practicing medicine for last over 20 years. We met Mahesh only in 2003. We wish we had met him earlier. He is the best professional; we ever worked with in my career.

Dr Jasbir Singh & MS Singh

Neurosurgeon & Cancer Specialist

I had my tax return ready. Up on review, Mahesh just changed filing status, based on my talks and got my refund increased by over $ 2000.

Soloman Gudeta & Tsedale Alemu

I used to get my returns done by H & R each year. But I presented my return of 2003 for review to Mahesh before filing. His modifications increased my refund by $2500. I then got amended my all past 3 years returns of H & R amended by Mahesh and I got great extra refund for each of the years. Since then he has been my professional.
I am a retired US Army Officer and I sent to Mahesh many of friends engaged in special occupations. I can say with confidence Mahesh has real good insight of special IRS rules applicable to special professionals like Army Officers, Nurses, Teachers,  or Veterans.


I am professional working at present in Saudi Arabia. I had chance to work for 1 year only with Mahesh while I was in USA. I can swear that whatever I learned from Mahesh was more than what I learned in my professional studies or my career till date.

Salman Khan


I am Harword MBA engaged for past several years in placing of Physicians all over USA. I know Mahesh, as one of the topmost tax planners of USA, especially for Doctors. He has been giving lectures on Tax Planning for Doctors.  I have heard him and I feel, he has radically changed definition of Tax Planning.

Sante Chary

CEO, US Physicians Inc

Mahesh handled my bookkeeping and tax work for all my motels. He has commendable knowledge for tax planning for motels. He has also special skill for reworking of depreciation for last 15 years for motels and secures extra refund by amending past returns.

Jaisukh Hirapara

CEO Howard Johnson Inn/ Ramada Inn.

For Gas Station bookkeeping and tax work Mahesh is a real master. I would advise all gas station owners to get their returns reviewed by him at least one time. This can bring great rewards for them for years to come.

Anwar Chunara

MerishaTruck Stop (I 30)

He really works hard, digs out minute details, and examines in depth all rules, exceptions to rules and court judgments and gets you lawful lowest tax. I have never seen such a hard working and detail oriented tax office.

Ming Hua & Wei Gu

He is an expert in getting tax exemption 501 (C) and filing tax returns for Non Profit. He has been doing our returns for last 8 years. He is also genius in business and individual tax returns and tax planning.

Gouri Joshi

President, Nepalese Society of Texas

If you are not looking for just calculating tax and filling up return, but saving in Tax, Mahesh is the right person. My returns were being done at big six professional firms only. But I find knowledge and skill of Mahesh is no way less than those of professional of big Six. 


Ex-CEO, IBM Europe

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