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What is special about our Tax Return Services?Any bookkeeping firm can prepare your tax return and write up your books. But there's a lot of difference between just doing them, and doing them in Perfect way: It is way of doing tax return and bookkeeping accurately, promptly and with the lowest amount of tax.

Just look at this: We offer free review of previous year return, some times this can result in extra refund coming back to you.

This includes not only returns done personally by clients with tax software, but also returns done by well-known tax services/professionals. You will be surprised to find that In fact, we have been doing personal tax returns and tax planning even for officers of world famous Big 6 CPA firms.

Tax return done at our firm is assurance that you will not lose single eligible deduction or credit.

Many preparers do just form filling exercise for details given by you. But we read between the lines and look behind the apparent facts and dig out details even not submitted to us by interview with you.

Whenever our client receives refund not only he feels happy, but we also feel proud for successful accomplishment of our mission. We would love to do this for you too.

We guarantee that if other CPA can reduce even $1 in tax worked out by us, based on information provided by you to us, then we shall repay you 125% fees charged by us. See last paragraph for details of this guarantee.


Scope of Services:
We prepare tax returns for
--Individual, LP, LLP, FLP, LLC, S Corp, C Corp, Trust, Non Profit


Procedure for Tax returns:

We do multi-state returns. But we don’t do instant returns. Our method involves following steps.


We request you to fill out our organizer and email back to us.


We provide you estimated of fees, based on work and collect payment. You can pay by cash, check, and credit card or pay online.


You need to send us all supporting income related documents like W2, 1099 etc and expense related documents like 1098 and your prior year tax return, by fax, email or mail or personal delivery as convenient to you.


We prepare draft tax return, most of the information we directly import from organizer and support documents to avoid errors.


Return is reviewed by senior preparer to minimize taxes for your benefit including special options like married filing joint or separate, claiming education credit or deduction, claiming state sales tax or state income tax, option for IRA etc. and for carryover of prior year credits or deductions. If you have not provided us copy of prior year returns, we are not responsible for omission to claim this.


We send draft return to you for your review to see that no income item or document is missing and all details of SSN, address, name etc. are correct and request you to convey OK. Since we are importing most of the details from organizer and documents given by you, we don’t do clerical checks of these items and we expect you to exercise care.


Once you OK, we e-file the return and update status on our website.


If you are also buying guarantee of highest refund ($250) then return is again reviewed by senior CPA to check any possibility of reduction with special applications. These include reviewing additional alternative treatments and application of new ideas.  Return is again sent to you after modifications. These are confidential strategies. Generally to be effective you should contact us for tax planning before end of the year, but still few ideas can work.


Our Guarantee for Tax Return Services

There are two types of guarantees:


Golden Guarantee: (Free for all returns)
All returns done at our firm qualify for this guarantee. If there has been any mistake by our staff in omitting or wrongly calculating any credit or deduction or income, not matching with information, provided by you, we guarantee free amendment of the return.

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