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We ensure expats do not have to pay any additional taxes as against what is required, or pay penalties or interest just because you’re not well-versed with the process of tax filing. We help you understand the tricky US taxes, and save yourself from penalties. All you need to do is contact us via call or email to get relieved of all tax worries, and enjoy your life abroad!

Our experience in Incorporation:

We have incorporated over 700 corporations. Over 50% of them are engaged in IT consulting and staffing activities. We have also incorporated lawful entities for H1 Visa holders, which have also been successfully filing H1 and Green Card application for employees.

We are also well known for helping several immigration attorneys for preparation of projections meeting INS requirements for corporate clients interested in filing H1 or Green Card petition for their staff.

We also procure for you services of experienced attorneys for incorporation requiring special clauses.

Incorporation Procedure:

We have our Standard Incorporation Info Form on our Website. Please fill out the same. You may fill out items at Serial # 6 to 9 in the form, only if easy and convenient. They are optional fields.

Cost of Incorporation:

There are 3 elements of incorporation costs

Sr# Item Amount
a Our incorporation Service Fees ** $170 (For all states)
b Corporate Kit ( Includes Articles, Bylaws, Minutes, 20 Stock Certificates, Transfer Register and a Binder) $ 80
c State Fees This varies as per State and type of entity. (For TX corporation or LLC it is $308)
    For TX state Total is $558

**This includes EIN application and Entity Classification forms, if any required. It also covers e-filing wherever possible. If you consider all these functions, connected with incorporation, you will find our fees to be perhaps lowest even compared to web based auto filing services, in spite of our providing personalized assistance to you.

Major Benefits of Incorporation:

Incorporating offers several benefits:

1) Protection of limited liability of owner

2) Easy transfer of business assets

3) Maintaining privacy and protecting identity.

4) Better public exposure

5) Tax advantages

Types of Entities available for Incorporation:

In USA you can incorporate or register and create usually 8 different types of legal entities.

These entities have existence in law, separate from individuals who are creators, members or beneficiaries of such entities.



2) LLP

3) LLC

4) S Corp

5) C Corp

6) PA (For Medical profession in TX state)

7) Non Profit

8) Trust

Optional Consultation for Incorporation. (Costing $250, but can save over $5000 for you, per year)

Our initial optional Consultation for incorporation is charged $ 250. But this can save thousands of dollars for you. It is also available over phone. It covers 14 important basic points about incorporation.

In addition you can send by email any special questions, you would like to cover.

1) Whether you need to incorporate or not?

2) What are benefits of Incorporation?

3) What is limited liability and its scope?

4) What type of entity to be incorporated? (Crucial from viewpoint of Tax and liability protection)

5) In which state to incorporate?

6) Who should be shareholder?

7) Who should be Director/Officers?

8) What should be Authorized Capital?

9) What should be number of shares?

10) What should be face value of shares?

11) What secretarial records to be maintained?

12) What Tax Returns to be filed?

13) What steps should be taken to preserve limited liability protection?

14) What is maintenance cost of corporation?

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