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We ensure expats do not have to pay any additional taxes as against what is required, or pay penalties or interest just because you’re not well-versed with the process of tax filing. We help you understand the tricky US taxes, and save yourself from penalties. All you need to do is contact us via call or email to get relieved of all tax worries, and enjoy your life abroad!

What is bookkeeping and how does it help a professional or business?

Bookkeeping is the backbone of accounting and its origin dates to 2600 B. C., the Babylonian period. Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions and is part of the process of accounting in a business. Typically, a bookkeeper records the day to day financial transactions of a business in a general journal and records accounts payable and accounts receivable. The bookkeeper records purchases, sales, receipts and payments. The general journal is posted to the general ledger. Once the general ledger is correct, the accountant can create financial statements or other reports based on these records.

Bookkeeping helps track accounts receivables and payables, timely customer invoicing, posting payments and collections, monitoring bounced check payments, reconciling payables with bank accounts, reconciling and posting sales to general ledger, tracking and keeping tab on outdated receivables, reconcile bank and credit card statements, reconcile expenses with credit card accounts, checkbooks and bank accounts, and year-end financial statements.

Good bookkeeping helps your business to track the money from sales to collections as well as assists tax preparation with accurate information so that you can focus on building and growing your business.

Why should you use Perfect Tax-Bookkeeping service?

Perfect Tax is a reputed highly acclaimed full service tax firm with a strong client base inthe DFW Metroplex as well as all major cities in the U.S.

Our Team

We have a very knowledgeable and dedicated team to take care of our clients.

Apart from regular basic bookkeeping, Perfect Tax offers the following additional reviews with your bookkeeping servicesto reduce your risk of an IRS audit.

Our Bookkeeping service charges:

Our service charges are very competitive starting from just $50 per month, depending on the complexity and volume of your work.

What documents are required to start bookkeeping services?

The following documents are required to start bookkeeping services: