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We ensure expats do not have to pay any additional taxes as against what is required, or pay penalties or interest just because you’re not well-versed with the process of tax filing. We help you understand the tricky US taxes, and save yourself from penalties. All you need to do is contact us via call or email to get relieved of all tax worries, and enjoy your life abroad!

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I was very frustrated when I heard about FBAR law.  I came to USA on H1 visa with hope of making great living.

I was frustrated to find that my 5 years of hard work in USA was to go in paying Penalties.

I had transferred this money to India to buy retirement home.

Hopefully someday I dreamt to retire in my home country.  Looks like after I found about this FBAR law I was very upset and my dreams of retirement looked far.


I was losing my night’s sleep and I found Perfect Tax who helped me understand this law in detail.  Not only that they worked proactively in helping me reduce my penalty.  They also finished my case from start to finish including my amendments.


I was able to save my penalty from $27,000 to $13,000.


I am glad I have this behind me and not have to worry about this through my Green Card process



Mr. Hardik Patel

“I will never forget what happened to my friend. He got an audit in his gas station and this audit t triggered IRS checking his foreign bank account. It sounded absurd. How are these two things connected? It was only when I went to Perfect Tax that I found that any type of audit can provoke IRS to check their income including global income. Once the income is high then the balance would be obvious.

I had various types of account. Some accounts where I had paper stocks others I never knew existed. I was almost tempted not to report thinking of hugh penalty but I could not sleep at night thinking about consequences. Perfect Tax was able to eliminate 80% of my FBAR penalty through advanced strategies. It really changed my life. I spend almost nine months with the paperwork but this was the best decision I had ever made because of my friend who unfortunately got an audit and paid twenty times penalty than I did.

After a long time I can smile again and not have guilt every time I look at my two baby girls thinking how would face them if I had to face any criminal or civil prosecution.”

Mr. Hardeep Ahuja 

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